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Civil Marriages

The natural beauty of Paralimni – Protaras area seems to have been created for weddings.  Civil marriages can be solemnized at Paralimni Municipality according to the Marriage Law 104(I) of 2003.

ParalimniMunicipalityhas prepared the following document as a convenient reference guide, so that couples can be informed of all the legal requirements for organizing their civil wedding.

Civil Marriages can be solemnized between Cypriot citizens, Cypriots with foreigners and between foreigners. Civil ceremonies are performed in either Paralimni Town Hall or in authorized wedding venues.

The interested parties after their arrival in Cyprus must apply personally or with their wedding planner assisting, to the Marriage Officer of Paralimni Municipality, in order to go through certain formalities which are necessary prior to their marriage and are valid for 3 months.

The couple should be in position to present the following legal documents:

  • passports (and copies of the information pages of both parties’ passports)
  • copies of birth certificates
  • dated, stamped and signed (original) documents from the competent authority of their countries, for their present  marital status (single, divorced, widow or widower)
    • Please note that the marital status documents are valid for 3 months from the issue date unless they indicate otherwise.
  • In case of Cypriots or foreigners who live permanent in Cyprus, a CONFIRMATION certificate from the Ministry of the Interior in Nicosia (Population Department), is needed.  Its date of issue must not be more than two months.
  • original Decree Absolute  in case of divorce
  • death certificate  of  their late partner in case of widowhood
  • name change documents -deed poll if any
  • copies of passports of two adult witnesses (above eighteen years old)
  • if either party of the intended marriage is under 18 years of age, the written consent of the father or if he is dead or incapable of consenting, of the mother or the lawful guardian of such party, must be produced to the Marriage Officer.


All documents that are not in English or Greek, must be translated  either in English or Greek by authorized translators.

It must be stressed that the names we use for the wedding certificate are taken from the passports.

The actual ceremony is short and simple with a duration of 10-15minutes.

Guidance given at all times by the Marriage Officer.  At the end of the ceremony couples will receive their original certificate of marriage, signed by their two witnesses and by the Marriage Officer.


The fees are as follows:

*Marriage by Notice on the same day of the couple’s registration in our office or in less than 15 calendardays - €281, 92.          

*Marriage by Notice after the pass of 15 calendar daysfrom the day of the couple’s registration in our office but not later than three months -€128, 15.    


Additional fees for marriages taking place from Monday-Friday:

Authorized venues in hotels - €170. 86     

St.  Elias Garden Venue in Protaras - €170. 86

 €100 for ceremonies on Saturdays

Traditional House of Paralimni Municipality - €70  

Town Hall Venue of Paralimni Municipality – not any extra fee - (plus €170.86 for weekends or for ceremonies not on working hours).

Pernera Blue Waterss- 270euros                                                                                                                  

*Certified True Copy of the original marriage certificate - €13, 67 

The payment of the fees is in cash on the day of the couple’s appointment for completion of paperwork at the Wedding Registry Office of Paralimni Town Hall.

*These fees are set by the government and as such are subject to changes by the government.


For any further information concerning the procedure of civil marriage and in order to arrange an appointment for the registration or the celebration of a marriage please contact the wedding registry office of Paralimni Municipality.


Wedding Registry Office                                           Opening hours:

ParalimniMunicipality                                              Mon-Fri 7:30am – 15:00pm

Tel: 00357 23744268                                                 

Fax: 00357 23744267                                                

E-mail: Αυτή η διεύθυνση ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου προστατεύεται από τους αυτοματισμούς αποστολέων ανεπιθύμητων μηνυμάτων. Χρειάζεται να ενεργοποιήσετε τη JavaScript για να μπορέσετε να τη δείτε.                                    


This leaflet, which has been prepared by Paralimni Municipality, does not constitute any legal or official document but a mere informative instrument aiming  to assist the reader to acquire basic knowledge of the procedure for the celebration of a civil marriage in Paralimni.

Some of the authorities responsible for supplying marital status certificates according to nationality:

UK passports  Statutory Declarations (also known as Affidavits) for the present marital status, dated, stamped and signed by a registered solicitor (drafted/printed preferably on a headed paper or accompanied by the business card of the solicitor), based on the Statutory Declarations Act. 1835-must be obtained within 3 months to the date of application for the wedding, or Certificates of No Impediment or Sworn Declarations before the Registrar of the District Court in Paralimni -Cyprus.
Irish passports Department of Foreign Affairs in IRELAND
Swedish passports  Swedish Tax Administration
Norwegian passports Registry of Population
Finnish passports Extract from the population information system in Finland
Lebanese passports Ministry of Interior-Document & translation should be Stamped by the Cyprus Embassy in Lebanon (a true copy is required by the Lebanese Embassy in Nicosia/Cyprus) & by the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Russian passports  Russian Government Authorities in Russia. Archives of the Registry Office of the Administration Of the Region
Israeli passports Ministry of Interior
Moldavian passports Ministry of Information Development-Civil Status Service - Certificate of civil status
Bulgarian passports  Municipalities
Slovakian passports Citizen’s sworn statement before a consular official at the Slovak Embassy in Nicosia
German passports Civil Registry Office
USA passports  Citizen’s sworn statement (affidavit) before a consular official at the embassy or a consular office in USA. This notarial service is provided by the USA Embassy,Nicosia
Philippino passports National Statistics Office – Republic of the Philippines (stamped by the Cyprus Consulate in the Philippines) -stamped by the Consulate of Philippines in Nicosia,Cyprus-
Hungarian passports  Central Hungary Regional State Administration Office Department of Authorities
Czech passports Certificate of no Impediment- Czech Republic
Uzbekistani passports Ministry of Justice, Republic of Uzbekistan
Lithuanian passports Certificate of Capacity to contract marriage - Municipality Administration Office - Civil Registry Office, Republic Lithuania
Romanian passports Municipality/Public Community Service for Records of People
Swiss passports Civil Status Office/Swiss Confederation
Polish passports  Registry Office/Republic of Poland
French passports  Embassy of France in Nicosia Cyprus/or by a Government authority in France (Registry Office)
Italian passports  Municipalities


*Please note that citizens of countries members to the Hague Convention on Legalization, should stamp their documents with an APOSTILLE stamp and other countries should legalize them with a legalization stamp by their Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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