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Registration date:

This is where the pride and groom attend the authorized Municipality for completion of all legal requirements. Registration is approx. 15-20 minutes when legal documents will be CHECKED and signed by the couple.  All paperwork is completed in English.  Any payments required will be made this time. A certified copy of your wedding certificate can be prepaid at this point (13.67euros) which will be delivered to the hotel/posted to the UK. A copy of your vows will be given at this point, you do not have to learn them as you will repeat after the Marriage Officer on the wedding day.


Readings & Personal Vows:

Readings are allowed but must be notified at the time of registration date so the relevant Marriage Officer can be notified. Two readings are permitted and each reading a maximum of 1 minute each.  The person completing the reading will be called upon by the Marriage Officer at the relevant time to perform it.

Personal Vows can be completed after the legal vows, please note must be short and also must be notified at the time of registration.

The Marriage Officer will ask the bride and groom to complete their vows after the  legal vows.



The wedding guests must be sited 5-10 minutes prior to the ceremony time.  The groom must be in place 5minutes prior to the bridal walk.  The bride must be on time and it is at the Marriage Officer’s discretion as to how long they will allow before the wedding to go ahead. 

The Marriage Officer will perform the first part of the ceremony, then you will be asked to complete your vows.  Each line will be repeated after the Marriage Officer followed by the exchanging of rings. A further reading will be completed after which the Marriage Officer will pronounce you husband and wife. 

After the vows are completed, the Marriage Officer will guide you to signing your wedding certificate.  Witnesses will be called upon to sign.

The Marriage Officer will give you the original wedding certificate and a gift from the Municipality.


Enjoy your special day and thank you for choosing Protaras-Paralimni for these special moments of your life!


Wedding Registry Office

Paralimni Municipality

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